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  • Ced Jack 6 years ago

    hey Nicholas, that link doesn’t work for bold formula

  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    Traffic is one of the most essential departments people in the business
    should take care of. It is sometimes referred to as the fuel of the game.
    That is just how important it is. You will not get much traffic if you will
    keep things at a really slow-pace. This video is good because it showed us
    several choices on how to get it done.

  • MrZAU 6 years ago

    Thank you for these videos

  • Love the video and the product, keep up the good work!

  • Nicholas Kneuper 6 years ago

    Hey, I meant there’s “really no value”. sorry :P .

  • Nicholas Kneuper 6 years ago

    Yeah, there’s really value in keeping the category pages in experiment A,
    other than to generate a little PR for the website. I kept them in there
    for simplicity’s sake. Glad to know you are on top of the video, hope you
    enjoyed it!

  • 1SourceSEO 6 years ago

    Nice video. Informative on the topic of SEO…

  • MattAffi 6 years ago

    In Experiment A, why would you have a category page if you are not linking
    to your products anyways ;) ?