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  • David Sabados 7 years ago

    Hey Roy very glad it helped

  • Roy Turner 7 years ago

    Your video helped so much you don’t understand. Thank you so much for making this video. from Empower to Empower – You Rock!

  • Hunny Kaushal 7 years ago

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  • David Sabados 7 years ago

    No this works for any wordpress blog

  • KeAndre Jones 7 years ago

    Those this just goes for empower blogs?

  • David Sabados 7 years ago


  • David Sabados 7 years ago

    Yes you just need to add a link to another blog post in your blog. Ensure it’s somewhat relevant but it does not really have to be.

  • mileygra 7 years ago

    hello, I noticed in the seo score it says you don’t have internal links to your other pages. Is there a way to fix that?

  • Rozli Yusof 7 years ago

    Awesome tutorial