Added by on 2013-04-24 Learn how to optimize Blogger blogs using simple “hacks” to improve SEO. If you’re having trouble getting your Blogger blogs to rank, ge…
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  • Blake Lynch 7 years ago

    Great job mate!
    Suggestion – you might want to “auto-forward” your audience into the next segment of your video tutorial to keep them on the videos in your channel.
    Now, to find that next video in this tutorial…

  • Icah Banjarmasin 7 years ago

    I like it,…

  • Marcin Krakowiak 7 years ago

    Also recommend using Colibri Tool for monitoring SERPs, it track website’s position on every Google and monitor your competition, also shows FB, Twitter mentions, Backlinks and Page Rank-most useful SEO tool

  • hmcc10 7 years ago


  • mystarvids 7 years ago

    I’m in the midst of working on the images for my blog for SERP. This is a very helpful guide.