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  • Internet Money Store 6 years ago

    Hi Jeff, Have several of your videos I watch and rewatch (I’m 72 and your
    mouth can talk faster than my ears can listen) JOKE I know your strategy
    works…posted an article about copy writing to get website traffic on my
    Skipper Works Info along with a video that belonged to someone else but was
    what I needed, closed down the computer, came back in about 2 hours and did
    a search on Google for the new article title…#4 page 1 don’t know if it
    is still there, but at least it made it! :-)

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Nice work! That’s awesome :) – Mike Piet (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Thanks, but there are 100 things I could do for everything I post online
    that I just don’t have the time or desire to do. But running incoming links
    to your blog posts and social media engagement are both things I teach in
    Nonstop Traffic Formula, and I use myself when I need to :)

  • Andrej Urek 6 years ago

    Thanks Jeff! This is really cool stuff. I always embed my videos to my
    blog, but I never really thought how can I improve my rankings here on
    YouTube. Thanks again :)

  • seospecialist 6 years ago

    thats what we are doing right now, we got more then 500 website that could
    link to videos.

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    That is always good to hear. Thanks! – Mike Piet (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  • BlakesLiberator 6 years ago

    Good stuff!

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    I’m the same way, I know I’m supposed to do things but i don’t always do
    them :) Glad you enjoyed it.

  • AZloverBoyz 6 years ago

    @amnmqov I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. The trick is to find
    a hot niche ready to buy. Trust me your gonna like this course, have a look
    here >> bit.ly/MNJnin?=nyqynk

  • Vitoria Castro 6 years ago

    Amazing video, very informative. Thank you!

  • Matt Smelted 6 years ago

    thanks for the tips jeff!! learning a good stuff again from u..thanks!!

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Awesome – Thanks for the great feedback! – Mike Piet (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Thanks for the positive feedback, John! Glad to be of help

  • seotastic 6 years ago

    SEO made simple?? great search engine optimisation video

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Wow that’s a lot of websites. Can’t wait to see the results! – Mike Piet
    (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Thanks, but I do link to the videos with my keywords in the anchor text and
    that’s shown in this video. As for the “beginning and end”… I believe the
    most important thing should be listed at the beginning, and for me that’s
    the brand or the link to my site. Keywords in the description are
    definitely important from a discoverability standpoint for sure, but from a
    ranking standpoint I believe high quality incoming links with the anchor
    text are even more important.

  • Ricardo Weatherly 6 years ago

    Really like this SEO Tip

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    Yes. Be sure to put the video link on your twitter and Facebook (and any
    other social media you use). – Mike Piet (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)

  • eric briggs 6 years ago

    Really good stuff =)

  • ioan pongrat 6 years ago

    Romania – many thanks Mr. Jeff J. know very important for evryone

  • Zee k 6 years ago

    Hi was wondering if instead of posting your videos to a blog that you used
    can we use it on a different website I.e twitter??

  • pizdizdozodozo 6 years ago

    check out the vid from my channel

  • John Oliver 6 years ago

    This is very helpful. Thanks!

  • David McDowell 6 years ago

    Thank you Jeff for sharing all of your videos

  • Jeff Johnson 6 years ago

    It will help – embedding your video on your blog and linking back are just
    TWO of the factors – did you use the rest of them? It also depends on how
    many other people are also trying to rank for your same keyword. Use these
    strategies to “out rank them” :) And be sure to check out Jeff’s other
    videos how to rank higher on YouTube, with your blog, and much MUCH more. –
    Mike Piet (Jeff Johnson’s Staff)