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  • Devon Bostick 7 years ago

    I was frustrated..
    (about ready to die actually LOL)
    chasing the “marketing method of the month”..
    Today’s children might be looking at “holograms” of marketing messages from beams blasting out of their smart phones..
    While the methods of marketing and making money change..
    The principles are the same..
    Learn how? to “reap the profits” of using “secret stealth” marketing methods..
    Combined with with timeless marketing wisdom that “inspires buyers to take action”..

  • maxmaxmaxmaxmaxmax10 7 years ago

    It would be a shame if you did not get extra profit when normal people make extra money so easily with”Morsch Money Secret”(do a google search).

  • freegg888 7 years ago

    Great video.

  • homefarmholidaypark 7 years ago

    nice video ill have to try that…. i use tweet adder take a look at my review of it

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    @smokeface • yep, you can adjust your settings a number of ways to follow + unfollow based on the metrics you modify in the Spinner dashboard

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    I hear ya @Morgan and I agree. Although, in all candor, G+ has unseated TwiT and FB in terms of my time, effort and social engagement of late. If you’re on Plus • let’s connect

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    @ZeroFatz • welcome to my channel Fatz! This TwiT vid is pretty friggin old but amazingly, most of the tactics are still legit and preform as advertised. If / when you get on Plus • circle me so we can banter about eh? — Neil

  • ZeroFatz 7 years ago

    i subbed ya man. great stuff

  • ZeroFatz 7 years ago

    awesome man.  thanks for the tips

  • smokeface1982 7 years ago

    i’m going to try this, is there a way to unfollow those who havent followed back?

  • Michael Petty 7 years ago

    Thanks for the advice! I am going to follow these steps and see if it works. Im an artist trying to get followers on YouTube and twitter. @mikepettymusic

  • Jwondaful 7 years ago

    Love the fact you took the time to explain and show the process step by step, much love from me on this, keep up the great work

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    Yep, the guys who created this app did a nice job. As you saw, it doesn’t take a lot of tech savvy to use it and the back office stuff let’s you clean house and manage quite a bit too. The small monthly fee makes it pretty easy to cover with not too much promo Tweets. That said, the new G+ is where I spend most of my SMM time these days. Good luck — Neil

  • Leo Tabibzadegan 7 years ago

    Solid Information! Are you still using the tweet spinner tool in 2011 and beyond? So many damn tools to choose from, I need a tool, to manage the tools!

  • PanamaCascoViejo 7 years ago

    Loved your video! where is “part 2″? thanks!

  • newjetdiva 7 years ago

    Ive joined your channel…Would like to learn how ro monetize my new team….THanks

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    pop over to my blog, read my posts on SEO, content syndication and video marketing and if that makes sense, get in touch if you want to discuss the particulars – Neil

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    glad you liked it and hope you can use the model to make things happen – good luck!

  • VirtualAssistantv 7 years ago

    Nice tool! is it fr free? really keywords are the key to start in. Hope you can also check out my account @virtualassistantinc and we also hope you’ll find it helpful.

  • SuperEconometrics 7 years ago

    great advice on how to get followers, you are a smart dude, but followers have value only if monetized — tell me how!

  • Sigal Zoldan 7 years ago

    Hi Neil,
    I appreciate you putting together this video. Very clear. Can you please explain how is the tweet spinner different then just following the person straight from twitter?

  • Wes Thomas 7 years ago

    So glad I stumpled on to your channel. Looking forward to spending some time here and your blog .

  • Jim Jones 7 years ago

    Show me More

  • jumbieuk 7 years ago

    Great video I’m gonna try this out in the morning cant wait. I am really interested on how to monetize this as well as u mentined in the video, thank you so much, and speak to u soon..

  • Neil Ferree 7 years ago

    Pop over to Twithawk, get yourself – sign up for a free trial account – submit a review and get 100 extra credits – find a niche that is active (and) that you have a CB product to fill their need – Twithawk will help you engage these guys in a new & different way that will help you MMO – in a day or so I am gong to post a blog article on how to do the Twithawk model in 2 ways that you might find appealing.