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  • PocketVideoMarketing 7 years ago

    great tips thanks

  • VirtualAssistantInc 7 years ago

    @gariouscom I agree, music may be added to his video to make it more lively.

    Using facebook, twitter and blogs can help your business in a major way. Sign up now, they’re free anyway. :) 

  • ThaHotCoolDude 7 years ago

    This video clip is a classic ;-}

  • OnlineMarketing20 7 years ago

    Social media marketing is the most inexpensive way of attracting traffic to your site .I think everyone should be using this new trend to get their brand in front of millions.
    Packer pack is dead on, you have to keep hammering on a regular basis. Be consistent and you will develop a following of worthy followers.By the way ,intersti8ng video,but some background music could add perfection.Efficient effort.Points, discussed are quite up to the mark.

  • gariouscom 7 years ago

    I’d love to hear some background music added on this presentation. Nice points, though. I think many won’t admit that they’re failing in making meaningful interactions with their customers. Sometimes, numbers can be deceiving.

  • SocialTalkLive 7 years ago

    Really good

  • greenliondigital 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Alex Toulemonde 7 years ago

    Your explanations are great but your presentation is a bit boring in term of design and engagement ):

    Thanks though

  • chulwoox 7 years ago

    Excellent !!!

  • Curt Maly 7 years ago

    NICE!!!! I have shared thsi video with a bunch of my friends. GREAT VID!

  • torchfiremarketing 7 years ago

    Extremely useful video for directing traffic to your website

  • massoutreach 7 years ago

    Great work !!!!