Added by on 2014-10-26 Keyword research is crucial – but most tools are centered around Google search data. What…
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  • Dustin DeTorres 6 years ago

    Good suggestions Michelle! Nice tips on doing separate Youtube Keyword
    Research (although the Keyword Tool is now the Keyword Planner) 

  • Amid Yousef 6 years ago

    Keyword Research on youtube, great training video
    here is the tool link

  • misselhornMedia 6 years ago

    Keyword Research for Youtube marketing

  • Manuel Antonio Lugo Quiñonez 6 years ago

    Good video:-)! Thank you very much for sharing;-)!

  • Ray OfMinneapolis 6 years ago

    Also, this may be a very valuable tip, youtube now ranks “WATCH TIME” as
    very important. Videos that show up first have higher watchtime and lead
    the viewer to watch more videos.

  • Christos Margetis 6 years ago

    Michelle I agree with your input although the Google keyword tool is not
    existing anymore and it was never accurate. In fact it was showing what
    Google wanted us to see without semantic details etc. Anyways what do you
    think about the new Keyword Planner?