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  • Arpeggioyt 7 years ago

    I am new on Youtube I’ve uploaded some videos, the channel´s goal is the people can learn to play some song about their favorite artist.

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    It’s all good Sergio. We totally understand and loved your new video response.


  • Sergio Felix 7 years ago

    Sorry to submit my video this late guys but better late than never! (been super busy trying to finish my first information product) cheers and I’m finally rocking the 5minvideomktg t-shirt, THANKS! ;-)

  • muhudugama075 7 years ago

    My friends laughed when I said I would rank #1 for a competitive keyword – And then I did! Go and Google Roltan Ranking Platform to see the result and their faces! Their faces were PRICELESS :)

  • Sergio Felix 7 years ago

    My latest video was created for the YouTube Challenge and I completely overlooked the fact that I had to use suggested keywords :( I’ll record another tomorrow!

  • Victor Brodt 7 years ago

    Thanks some great inspiration. Appreciate your work.
    If you love dog stories let me know, I do a lot of free just cause I love my subject.
    Victor Brodt

  • AYRENvids 7 years ago

    Response in :) 

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Hi Chris, yes you can. I don’t edit any of the videos, my team does this and they use Adobe Premier Pro to do this. About the video thumbnails in the video, it’s under a settings > Invideo Programming > Featured Video. Also I took a quick look at your channel and I think you could benefit from our Youtube Marketing Challenge tips. Please visit our “Youtube Marketing Challenge” playlist and you will see some ways to optimize your channel. I highly recommend to add a background first. Cheers.

  • Chris Roberge 7 years ago

    Could I still join this contest? Also, what editing software do you use for your videos? How do you make an annotation with the videos thumbnail? Please message me with the answers or reply to the comment. Could you also check out my channel and tell me what you think

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Cheers and thanks for your compliment.

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    You are welcome Zen. You rock and we love your cool videos!

  • Shan H Fernandes 7 years ago

    Good one!

  • Zen Flint 7 years ago

    Thank you Justin and Tyrone for great content encouragement and for opportunity it means a lot for me.

  • TinyTechReview 7 years ago

    Love these videos.

  • OnlineCashEmpires 7 years ago

    awesome, maybe create a video about that part of your strategy ;)

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Thanks and it’s great to know you saw us on iTunes as well. (mean’s it’s working)

  • OnlineCashEmpires 7 years ago

    ok you guys crush it, saw you were in iTunes too got me intrigued now

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Hey Zed! Hope you’re well mate – I see the hammers had a good win on the weekend ;)

    Definitely, let’s skype sometime


  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    We want to say thank you for just being part of the challenge, so you are very welcome.

  • Sergio Felix 7 years ago

    Wow guys, I’m VERY thrilled to be part of the YouTube Challenge and receiving the team t-shirt, YESSSSSSS!!! Since I’m located in Mexico I have no idea when it will arrive but as soon as that happens I’m definitely wearing it on the next video.

    Thanks for everything guys and I’ll submit my next video shortly. ;-)

  • AYRENvids 7 years ago

    Will definitely wear it in the video as soon as I get it! Although I’m not sure if already next video, because I don’t exactly know when’s it going to arrive, but as soon as possible for sure! :)

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    You deserve it Kelly. Thanks for sending us your details, we will get the shirt off to you shortly and we can’t wait to see you wearing it in the next video.

  • Zed Shah 7 years ago

    Hey Justin long time dude it’s Zed :-) ..luvin your videos dude, seriously top notch stuff!

    Let’s catch up as it’s been ages my man

  • AYRENvids 7 years ago

    Holy hell guys, that’s so great you’ve given all of us a gift such as the T-shirt! Love it :)
    Now I actually have something to prove to people that I’ve been a part of this competition haha. Not that I need to prove anything really, but it’s just awesome. Thanks!

  • Five Minute Video Marketing 7 years ago

    Haha. That’s cool Nigel!