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  • Robert Spiller 7 years ago

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  • BrandedThoughts 7 years ago

    Thanks for such a nice presentation on social media marketing. Sound
    quality from 00:15 onwards is a bit less perfect.

  • sreejith retnam 7 years ago

    wrong way to present, very boring

  • MarkMillionaireGuru 7 years ago

    Hi chrisabraham I always enjoy watching your videos and I will be back
    again to watch more soon as they really are of top quality. Cheers to your
    success. Mark McCulloch

  • worldspaceful 7 years ago


  • Abreesha Jones 7 years ago

    Good luck marketers!

  • unn ati 7 years ago


  • compass89 7 years ago

    I never knew that robots we so smart.

  • carltruckloadfull1 7 years ago

    very funny. ads still piss me off. 3 card monte anyone?

  • unn ati 7 years ago


  • rifat rahman 7 years ago

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  • Chris Abraham 7 years ago

    That’s really funny.

  • BhavyaScruplous 7 years ago

    a really informative video for beginners….Thanx!!

  • Sparroooooooooooow 7 years ago

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  • gariouscom 7 years ago

    i watch long videos very seldom! and with this I didn’t notice that its a
    58:20minutes video, hooh!

  • creationsiteweb75 7 years ago

    Interesting presentation even if the rythm is a little bit slow.

  • EverSpark Interactive 7 years ago

    Establishing goals, expectations, and audience is an important part of
    planning any social media campaign. It’s also good to have an overall
    strategy of which social media to use and prepare content that’s specific
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  • Dennis Onlinefusion 7 years ago

    Awesome stuff! thanks for sharing this info Ive saved it and will watch

  • VirtualAssistantv 7 years ago

    wow. it’s the longest video i have watched in youtube so far. you do have
    great ideas included in this video. i really appreciate your work. it was
    simple though. but you explained almost everything regarding social media.
    keep it up!

  • DutchEditings 7 years ago

    epic voice