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  • Ivan Stojic 6 years ago

    go join the thirty day challenge

  • TamsB 6 years ago

    Thanks Dan, appreciate the clear training, and still chuckling about Ed’s
    adding up at times!? Really looking forward to your other vids on the
    manual way to do some of the other Market Samurai functions.

  • EverSpark Interactive 6 years ago

    Google has refined their keyword search tool to the point that it’s
    actually pretty good at providing relevant keyword information.

  • lewister6232 6 years ago

    For the basic math – 2,400 in the search column will get you 80 per day. So
    any number bigger than that meets the criteria.

  • Genc Hani 6 years ago

    What software do you use to record this?

  • BRIM Agency 6 years ago

    Any reason you’re using broad match for the Adwords search volume relative
    to the exact match search for number of competing pages in your tutorial? I
    suppose as long as the relative comparison is the same between different
    keywords then you’re ok, but with a broad match search volume you get a
    larger number and potentially inflated, inaccurate results.

  • Rebecca K 6 years ago

    Got a lot of respect u showing a back up to the MS tool. We had a tough
    time wih Keyword Elite when it came out and it’s a lonely feeling beta
    testing after the buzz dies down sometimes so thanks! Makes me want Market
    Samurai all the more!

  • tonyritzcarlton 6 years ago

    Ok, so after you do this, what’s the next step???

  • latengocomoburro 6 years ago

    Finally a video that really explain Google keywords. All others are crap.

  • 2Floyds 6 years ago

    Thanks Dan, good overview of how to breakdown the results of the Google
    Keyword tool. Perfect for the beginner. Cindy

  • rocketman821 6 years ago

    excellent vid, thanks, man.

  • Graham M 6 years ago

    Great video series but you made an important schoolboy error here – you
    searched in GKT for vintage guitar but searched in Google for “vintage
    guitar” which is not the same thing. GKT uses broad, “phrase” and [exact]
    to give you accurate results. The broad result for vintage guitar is 27,100
    (still in 2012 despite your vid being uploaded in 2008), the phrase results
    are 4,400 and the exact results are 590. You should be using exact matches
    for keyword research. 590/30=19.6 searches per day.

  • NicheReaper 6 years ago

    Fantastic video on Keyword Research! Well done. Google’s Keyword tool is
    not always the easiest to get a hang of.

  • Shakilkhan sabbir 6 years ago

    Nice! I’ve been making cash online now for 5 months, search Google for the
    words Homely Cash Secrets to work from home as well.

  • Adam Jones 6 years ago

    Hi Dan, how very nice to see you in your element!

  • Howtomakeawebsiteseo 6 years ago

    With your reputation I was expecting much more than this!

  • Just Me 6 years ago

    Thank you for this video! I finally learned how to find out how many web
    pages are actually targeting a given keyword (didn’t use the quotation
    marks before :) )

  • David Sen 6 years ago

    Has anyone tried Keyword Scout?

  • BestReflections 6 years ago

    Thank you, thank you! You made this very clear and I definitly will grab my
    calculator too! Tina

  • Terrapin Marketing 6 years ago

    @latengocomoburro /watch?v=sue16hjoXFg This video explains the NEW 2010
    version of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

  • tabletopphoto 6 years ago

    So how do you do this with youtube?

  • cosmic carl 6 years ago

    Hi Ed: Great vid, your top link is not clikable, but the bottom is. Why?

  • Bennix Baygas 6 years ago

    Thanks sir, this is a very comprehensive tutorial.thumbs up!

  • webm7792 6 years ago

    Thanks for the video. IMO, the best keyword reseach tool I have used so far
    is Keyword Winner goo[.]gl/p96sT

  • Linda Ames 6 years ago

    yea i have heard about keyword scout have you tried that? is it useful?