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  • Sy Minds 7 years ago

    The new Google Keyword Planner is terrible! James, is it possible you can do a video on the new google planner on how to use it. It’s beyond bad. I can’t do a thing on it..!

  • Sy Minds 7 years ago

    Thank you James for this! Quick question tho? For Mobile, when I enter a search it only shows me 3 ads on my iPhone…but those yellow ads r the ones that google really loves and uses not the ads that would be on the right side of the page… or am I wrong?

  • vvnovember 7 years ago

    lots of great info. loved the pace.

  • Andy Haywood 7 years ago

    Brilliant video, made my first use of adwords keyword tool so easy. Thanks

  • Swotltd 7 years ago

    Brilliant videos! Thanks so much.

  • videobcards 7 years ago

    Hi James, useful video, like always, but how about there are no searches yet in my business, like “video Taunton” or “video Somerset”, and any of the combinations, video prodcution Taunton, and so on…Should I just go for general keyword, without “Taunton” in it? Thanks advanced, Sebastian.