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  • Joe Large 6 years ago

    Nice video on using your smartphone as the keystone to your video
    marketing. As Seth G. says you need to ship, smartphone let’s you do away
    with the hassle. Nice video

  • Steven Washer 6 years ago

    For Android, Afterfocus and Camera Zoom FX come to mind…

  • MiikaWasHere 6 years ago

    Do you upload these videos anywhere else besides YouTube? Im asking because
    your so low on views.

  • John Charbonneau 6 years ago

    Love the quality of the i-phone video outdoors. I would have been scared
    that I would have dropped the phone while using it while parasailing. Did
    you tie a string onto it? Also love the brick wall as the background in the
    in studio video, now I need to find a graphic of that background for my
    next video.

  • Steven Washer 6 years ago

    I don’t do this to get random views. You can have a great business with 100
    views if you understand business strategy.

  • pizzatherapy 6 years ago

    Great tips, Steve! Excellent revelations for all of us I-Phone addicts!

  • Steven Washer 6 years ago

    One of the reasons it was such an exciting shoot was that there were no

  • Joe Large 6 years ago

    You would have had to buy me a new pair of trunks on the parasail…nice
    hat. Android apps for smartphone video.? Nice video Steven. appreciate the

  • Joe Large 6 years ago

    Thanks Steven, I’ll try it.

  • Ian M Butterfield 6 years ago

    Great video Steven – really useful to know what the iPhone is capable of
    doing and what accessories are needed to make it work (tripod adapter, mic
    adapter, app). All I need now is the iPhone….! (I hope to sort that one
    later this month).

  • Steven Washer 6 years ago