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  • Kenneth von Rauch 7 years ago

    In this video, James explains what you need to guest post for.

  • Sunil Gupta 7 years ago

    You are right, Now guest blogging is become a powerful tool to get high
    quality links from authorized and relevant sites. Let’s wait for spammers
    to create billions of blogs just to get paid guest posts. actually I never
    use them

  • Kenneth von Rauch 7 years ago

    Thanks James, it’s a really edifying video. They won’t come if you don’t
    show them where to come. That’s totally right. The problem it’s sometimes
    hard to get that. I was having an issue with t hat as well, but I finally
    grasped the idea. Thanks for assisting with that.

  • bestonlineservices 7 years ago

    Couldn’t agree with you more. @Sunil Gupta- Don’t see that hapenning, from
    a simple reason- either it will be spam blogs that no one will find them as
    quality blogs that worth guest posting, or a collection of blogs that are
    truly quality blogs and then there’s no issue. The best way to avoid it,
    exactly like private blog networks, is to check the sites for other factors
    than pagerank (which can be easily faked), such as OBL count, real age,
    originality of the content, use experience etc

  • James Perrin 7 years ago