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  • Anthony Lunghi 6 years ago

    As a freelance graphic designer I found this help full. Thank you.

  • raghava chinnu 6 years ago

    tips for small business owners by matt cutts

  • NoticedWebsites 6 years ago

    I always listen to Matt of Google giving excellent smallbiz tips in this
    video: http://youtu.be/gscFgaMTm48

  • MARK CLARK 6 years ago
  • Mike Muskat 6 years ago

    Google own Matt Cutts talks about the importance of wordpress and

  • Mike Stewart 6 years ago

    I just shared this video on Twitter and Facebook. it is an excellent video
    that is till not outdated! Great advice from Matt Cutts!

  • lagoamedia 6 years ago

    This is great content. I’m going to tell my clients about google local. I
    never new about this. Thanks.

  • topmentor4u 6 years ago

    Great! Channel and I look forward more informative videos. Keep It up!

  • esolutionspro 6 years ago

    Entrepreneur community and resources: esolutionspro[.]com

  • frankykerney 6 years ago

    Very informative one

  • mtnstonemedia 6 years ago

    Good video, but by all the info, don’t you think that you shoulda named
    your video better??

  • oneclickkcom 6 years ago

    Still Great Advice

  • Ruben Malán 6 years ago

    Very helpful fro me today: 9-15-2012!

  • Brad Miller 6 years ago

    Small Businesses are the companies that innovate and build the economy.
    Once a company is large is uses its power to squeeze the public. I love
    working for small businesses and start ups.

  • Steve Pickering 6 years ago

    Matt Cutts is definitely one of Google’s whiz kids. He waxes eloquent on
    how to make your site attractive in a Google search.

  • EverSpark Interactive 6 years ago

    Google offers quite a number of free tools that are useful for analyzing
    SEO. Matt was correct in that website owners cannot be afraid of making
    mistakes. The entire process of operating a website can have a sharp
    learning curve to anyone who has never been exposed to it.

  • DrivewayCleaningKent 6 years ago

    Great video guys, learn’t some cool things. Keep up the the great work.

  • shustir 6 years ago

    How interesting to create a video 3 years ago that is still relevant!
    Google seems to consistently be a step ahead of the field.

  • TheMoneyTruth 6 years ago

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  • Suzanne Rhodes 6 years ago

    It’s very true, accounting and bookkeeping is not a very simple business
    task but with proper utilization it can make a business run smooth and well
    maintained. I have been doing my business for a couple of years now and is
    expanding so this tip will be a great help.

  • imarketingsoftware 6 years ago

    :-) Thanks!

  • VertigoProductions1 6 years ago

    Loved the vid… Its guna help a lot :)

  • Yash Yagnik 6 years ago

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  • Umair Lone 6 years ago

    Wow, I can take a lot from this and put it towards bettering my own
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  • TheJoakimkruse 6 years ago

    @LavaEagle lol at you. Google is so far behind, allways – they cant follow
    the SEO masters of the world. Black hat SEO is allways 6 months ahead, and
    everytime Google makes a chance, the blackhat world allreaddy has the
    solution. Stupid to post something like that, when its clear that you know