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  • greenfeld5 6 years ago

    @sikkuntbro44 this a good question how you build a link and where on site .
    you put a link how to contact the site owner , they are some copy and paste
    . that you copy from the other site .

  • jim bob 6 years ago

    lol…thats almost my site..lol

  • sikkuntbro44 6 years ago

    wow thanks for the information. Its great that theres some people that are
    willing to take the time to share there knowledge of link building. Your
    information was by far the best. Thankyou. p.s. This is will be a stupid
    wuestion for many but i am hoping someone can help me out. How do you
    actually build the link between a site and yours is there a button you
    press or what? Sorry im new to this as you can see lol. Thanks, Sean

  • MrDoubleaces 6 years ago

    It’s a really an awesome tips, if only i found your video earlier. Tks so

  • KREATIS2020 6 years ago

    great tips

  • 3lzamir 6 years ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga 6 years ago

    Thanks, that was very helpful. J

  • Nathan Woodbury 6 years ago

    Thanks! Your videos were helpful. If you are interested, I made a video
    inresponse to Googles recent changes.

  • jonathonhewitt17 6 years ago

    Absolutely great video! I have watched it like 5 times on my blackberry
    going down the road!

  • manasa smily 6 years ago

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  • Md. Asaduzzaman 6 years ago

    Thank you so much Ali for sharing such precious tutorials with us, may be
    it took a long time for you to learn these things a huge search too. But
    you are guiding us from your expirience very nicely. I have seen your all
    videos i really enjoyed will wait for next..

  • sikkuntbro44 6 years ago

    No one cares what type of fone you have.

  • K0V4LSK1S 6 years ago

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  • pembalutnatesh 6 years ago

    thanks for the video

  • Rick Porter 6 years ago

    When developing your link building strategy, a wider variety of sites
    linking to you is more important that many links from a small handful of
    sites. Search engines weigh this link diversity very positively in their
    algorithms, so make sure you look for many places to submit your links.