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Many SEO professionals and SEO resellers suffer from endless anxiety over the next Penguin update or Panda update or whatever Google update is out there on t…
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  • Andy Abarca 7 years ago

    I love that Real SEO is the future of the industry

  • Chris Wibbe 7 years ago

    Hubshout kicks ass with this REAL approach. Video was great, thanks!

  • Chad Hill 7 years ago

    We are super excited about these changes… so far the response has been

  • Jesse Merkel 7 years ago

    Of course real SEO wins. Real SEO and content trumph all. ::looks back and
    forth:: I hope google didn’t hear that!!

  • Breylin Smith 7 years ago

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Susana Hill 7 years ago

    I like that HubShout is keepin it REAL!

  • Brian Long 7 years ago

    As is stressed over and over in this series, content is key! It’s what
    separates REAL SEO from all the junk out there.

  • Nick Klimek 7 years ago

    REAL SEO makes sure that content is genuine and useful, which is what’s
    really important to Google

  • purdue512 7 years ago

    If you are not doing REAL SEO in 2013 yet, you are far behind the curve.
    This is great stuff here.

  • Nicole S 7 years ago


  • Renee Stetzer 7 years ago

    Jenna is right! HubShout has been evolving to meet the demands of the
    ever-changing search industry to stay ahead of the curve. Excited to roll
    out the new plans!

  • Aleks Nikolovski 7 years ago

    The new plans offer so much more! … Penguin’s got nothing on REAL SEO.

  • Matt Beaulieu 7 years ago

    If Real SEO was Kung Fu, it would be Bruce Lee

  • Mark Fiore 7 years ago

    People that worry forget that Panda is designed to go after users that are
    exploiting the Google system. Google still wants and needs REAL content and
    would only hurt itself by removing it

  • Eric Rohrback 7 years ago

    Great content will make sure you’re not getting hit by Google updates

  • Aleks Nikolovski 7 years ago
  • Andy Abarca 7 years ago