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  • Anthony Moore 6 years ago

    great video ….funny line:
    “I’m like a rat out of a drain pipe”

  • John English 6 years ago

    Thanks for a GREAT video Sean :-) 

  • KidsFunFilms 6 years ago

    So how do you know if the keyword ideas are for google searches or youtube

  • xiaochicash 6 years ago

    I went to keyword planner to use this godamned “FREE” tool, but google
    AdWords won’t let me do anything unless I fill out this form for a
    campaign, which I don’t want to do and provide information about my
    currency and how much I want to spend, which I sure as hell don’t want to
    do. How do I get around this nonsense?

  • CloverPoint Geodev 6 years ago

    handy stuff

  • John Ley 6 years ago

    Easy to understand. Ta

  • Peter Kirk 6 years ago


  • Marketing University 101 6 years ago

    Love Your explanation, I’m sharing it on our blog because this is such a
    stumbling block for “newbies.” Thanks so much. Carlene

  • Lilia Sinclair 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this, super helpful!

  • RoxStar09 6 years ago

    You have to pay for Google Keyword Planner!

  • Mayank 6 years ago

    if i found the keywords for me what i can do with that.

  • Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas 6 years ago

    Thank you Sir for a good Video.

  • Paul Mahoney 6 years ago

    ENjoyed your straight forward teaching style. Thanks will look at your
    other topics.

  • Carlos McField 6 years ago

    Thanks for tutorial, totally got it!

  • Pj Jordan 6 years ago

    Thanks for the tips and education!

  • Lapointe Maurice 6 years ago

    Great vid as an introduction into this wonderful new field of advertising.
    Keep up the good work.

  • SGT LongStick 6 years ago


  • Kevin Young 6 years ago

    Much simpler to follow for a beginner. Thanks buddy

  • Michael Shields 6 years ago

    Very helpful video. Thanks.

  • rockdog808 6 years ago

    Great tut, subbed. Thanks!

  • Hermawan firdiansyah 6 years ago

    Thank for this great tutorial
    permit to download

  • Ashley Johnson 6 years ago

    Keyword relevancy is one of the keys to success with Google AdWords. While
    it may be tempting to include all sorts of keywords you can get your hands
    on, be aware that this is often the #1 mistake advertisers make when
    creating their first campaign. You only want prospects who “Need You Now”
    and are going to be motivated to contact your company, or purchase your
    services if they click your ad. People bid on the wrong keywords all the
    time and it hurts them big time. My company was losing an average of $0.67
    per click until Simon over at RDM helped us get our ducks in a row with the
    campaign and now it makes $2.19 per click on average instead of -$0.67.
    He’s really helpful on the phone, his number is 734-344-6781 .

  • Spook SEO 6 years ago

    There are instances when you do not get anything at all from free trials.
    They usually end up so early or they stop working just when you need them
    the most. This is, however, the difference in the long time trend in this
    industry. It looks so helpful just by looking at this video. 

  • Michael Strickland Idaho 6 years ago

    #MichaelStrickland #Idaho

  • Cathy G 6 years ago

    Very interesting. My first time to check on Google Keyword Planner. Thanks
    for sharing this Sean. :)