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  • Bradley Tomkins 5 years ago

    Google SEO advice straight from the horses mouth!

  • Bobs SEO 5 years ago

    Some revelations here – taking detailed notes.

  • Ivan Čuković 5 years ago

    In 7 days, I got top 10 rank on google. I just use *SPEEDRANKSEO. COM*

  • AlkoSpace Inc 5 years ago

    Content content content…very important for ranking any website also user
    generated comments.

  • Vangelis Kovaios 5 years ago

    A back-to-the-time video when Matt Cutts was offering advice on SEO

  • Ajit Kumar Arya 5 years ago

    Most people think that latest update slap sites with low quality or stolen
    content, while helping to benefit smaller sites that have great quality,
    but limited scope.
    #seo #PPC #Analytics #Google #doubleclick #digitalmarketing

    +Ajit Kumar Arya 

  • Patrick Coombe 5 years ago

    Great video from Google Developers archive! This is a very cool hour long
    site advice / site audit courtesy of Matt Cutts, Tiffany Lane, Greg
    Grothaus, and Vanessa Fox.

  • Leonard Neo 5 years ago

    experts talks, thank you gents

  • EverSpark Interactive 5 years ago

    It’s amazing how much has changed for SEO searches since 2010.

  • Henky saputra Hesa putra 5 years ago
  • Charles Knight 5 years ago

    Very useful

  • Kent Routen 5 years ago

    Google provides excellent resources to help you with your website!

  • Henky saputra Hesa putra 5 years ago
  • Felipe Bazon 5 years ago

    A bit old but tons of “touch base” stuff about #seo worth watching it!

  • Kai Mediashare 5 years ago
  • aawebmarketing 5 years ago

    this is a pretty good video. i will subscribe. thanks!!

  • eCommerceGuerrilla 5 years ago

    @Jake, The top 3 things that got me the biggest jumps in Google rank were
    1. Moving to a faster server. Google wants to feels fast. They can’t do
    that if you site loads slower than 2sec and has a laggy ping time 2. Got
    any site already ON the top ten for my keyword to link to me. To do that, I
    had to physically call the guy and buy him drinks 3. Make an Easy to follow
    Check List for People. =p

  • Jason Davis 5 years ago

    have you tried keyword scout?

  • seospecialist 5 years ago

    This is a great video i must say one of the best video i work for seo
    specialist company and i get asked to review a lot of website

  • Steven Ward 5 years ago

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    But they’ll have to invest most of the money they earned into making money.
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  • Daniel Hart 5 years ago

    very helpful video

  • KnuckleBall Marketing 5 years ago

    Rodbot?? neat sight, but wierd name.

  • notabott 5 years ago

    beapcspecialist. blogspot. pt/ , what can i do to improve my blog? my
    current cpc is 0,00 : ( (no idea why!!)

  • Sonitek SEO 5 years ago

    This advice is helpful for me to grow my seo site on top

  • Ender-events 5 years ago

    Si vous avait vu depuis le site du zéro +1