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  • Raphi See 7 years ago

    *Google Authorship Explained*
    I have often the feeling when talking about authorship, that the people
    don’t really recognise the gravity of the situation, so I went to search
    for a short explenation.

    I found a very well compressed video explaining why Google Authorship is
    important for SEO.
    Extremly well done!

    For more information about authorship, you find a lot of usefull
    information in the web by +martin shervington and +Mark Traphagen or


    #authorship #authorship101 #google #googleplus 

  • Max Minzer 7 years ago

    #dailyseo (#011)

  • Contexto - SEO Agencja 7 years ago

    Google #autorship in 1min.
    Google Authorship and AuthorRank Explained – Slingshot SEO 

  • CopyPros 7 years ago

    As we’ve noted on our blog, AuthorRank is likely to be a fundamental
    authority measurement. This tool can significantly improve not only the
    individual writer’s visibility, but add optimization benefits in organic

  • Jeremy Rivera 7 years ago