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  • siPpY khAn 7 years ago

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  • TFLAT'S Tech Games and More 7 years ago

    I just downloaded your plugin. I have to say, it’s impressive. Looking forward to the results, but I”m having a little issue. I’m in my WordPress Dashboard and when I click on the plugins section under the SEO tool. I get the page that says I don’t have certain plugins installed. Then I try to install them, with the link given, but it’s not working. I’ve found a few manually. Please help. Am I doing something wrong?

  • foster2367 7 years ago

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  • ThaHotCoolDude 7 years ago

    Hey great video, and nice to meet you also

  • barepaw1950 7 years ago

    Thank you Jeff. Your training is very useful for the SEO on my site Way Ya Go Alkaline Water. It has made a big difference in the number of hit I get a day. Thanks again.

  • cadentavaricegrtrj 7 years ago

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  • Noelani Kee 7 years ago

    Hey Jeff, awesome information you are sharing and glad I stumbled onto your video. I also went to your blog and see what’s on there as well. Very valuable information both ways here and your blog. Thanks again. Lani

  • Mad Baboon 7 years ago

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  • true1star 7 years ago

    Really great information, Jeff. Newbies and experts alike can learn a lot from your clean and direct, NO BS, presentations… Personally, I appreciate the info without getting constantly bombarded with a sales message.

    Thanks, JT

  • ebeanbee 7 years ago

    My point was, too many web 2.0 gurus are not offering REAL VALUE. You’re still new to me Jeff, so I’ll give it all a try. Thanks for the offer, I look forward to learning something new and getting some real results for the projects I am trying to market.

  • ebeanbee 7 years ago

    If he’s enabling me to generate traffic, and all for free, of *course* I’m going to want to work with him in the future to generate MORE money with his know-how FROM the money he helps me make for FREE NOW. If I can’t afford him NOW, why would I spend the money? (I CAN’T!). I’m learning web 2.0. I need exposure. I’ll be checking this out Jeff. It sounds great, I hope it is all that is being claimed. It’s what I’ve been looking for; just a small piece of the pie. I’ll get greedy later ;->.

  • jeffjohnsonvideos 7 years ago

    try to keep the initial pages to a few hundred or less and then add around 10 or 20 a day.

    This particular site had too many pages too quickly and the traffic dropped from 2100 a day to the present 600 a day as a result; some engines don’t like it…. but others still do. And social media, blogs and bookmarks still send traffic and that’s how we designed it. post to my blog for a better answer… running out of space for comments on youtube

  • TheBlueCougars 7 years ago

    Hi Jeff..

    I wonder if you could you tell us how many pages this site had in this first month it got all those visitors.. I thought we had to be careful how many pages we use on a new site..

    thanks David