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  • Sylvia Suhr 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for your advice and sharing your insights. God bless you

  • Kathie Moore 6 years ago

    Awesome way to share Alex!!!! I love all the value you are giving and do
    want to learn more and more from you too!!!! Keep doing the
    video’s………..even when it is too cold, lol. Have a Wonderfully
    blessed day!!!! oh, do ya like my newest picture? I came around the
    corner one day and who was “just there”? Yep, the famous Mike Dillard. I
    was in heaven! Got to finally meet him after years of following him, talk
    to him and then do a picture!!!! He is so down to earth, really made my
    day! bye for now, hugz across the miles, Kathie!!!!

  • Alexandre Clermont 6 years ago