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  • Alexander Helali 6 years ago

    this is 4 years old dude.

  • HOLYGUN Kamara 6 years ago


  • harjotdoad 6 years ago

    ok .. i got the catch with credits..

  • agent13mp 6 years ago

    it does suck

  • kashmirtakeaway 6 years ago

    Hi Great site – unfortunately when I try and fetch SERP it throws up an
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    migration to new v2009 AdWords API. Trigger: N/A

  • superiormp 6 years ago

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  • joycen1234 6 years ago

    this product don’t work it keep giving me error message

  • Vouchvideo Dave Porter 6 years ago

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  • wwwSEOWritersNet 6 years ago

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  • JenniLeez 6 years ago

    @dtrance71157 I havn’t tried it but will…….. would just like to say,
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  • TheRattlehog 6 years ago

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  • VivaQuote 6 years ago

    Just created an account, typed in kewords and received nothing but error
    messages! Tried several different keywords-some singular, some long
    tail-and the results are the same. There is no ‘help’ function” or FAQ.

  • Edward Shapard 6 years ago

    Don’t sweat the negative comments man, this is awesome stuff. Good job!

  • monove 6 years ago

    I received an error message when attempting to create content. When will
    your Google Adwords API be back up and running?

  • ways2makemoneyonline 6 years ago

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  • GideonJP 6 years ago

    this sucks lol

  • martin lennigg 6 years ago

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  • dlp5529 6 years ago

    Free. Nothing to complain

  • Renalyn Lebosada 6 years ago

    now I know why its free to use…

  • articlepk 6 years ago

    good for learning

  • Isaac Tanner-Dempsey 6 years ago

    This looks really great but the url isn’t working?

  • Renalyn Lebosada 6 years ago

    hey!!! I want to try your site, unfortunately I was forbidden to access on
    the page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!