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  • Spook SEO 5 years ago

    An awesome way of marketing Ecommerce sites is to create a robust social
    media account for their business. With how social signals is now used as a
    rank factor, it makes total sense to use social media in this SEO age.

  • eCommerceGuerrilla 5 years ago

    @Jason We’ve all noticed that Google search results favor Youtube and
    Wordpress blogs over eCommerce sites 10 out of 10 times. Sure, you could
    say there are just a lot MORE of them. But in reality, major corporations
    spend $millions on promoting their magento or interspire site. So instead
    of trying to optimize your ecommerce site, even a Volution site, just work
    on promoting a WordPress site that LINKS over to your ecommerce site. That
    way, you’re not starting with a major disadvantage

  • Tim Maggs 5 years ago

    Care to give us some examples? I have loads of ecommerce clients that are
    killing it with seo