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  • MusicSpaceTV 7 years ago

    Btw (has somewhat nothing to do with video but) what is the background
    music you’re playing.

  • MusicSpaceTV 7 years ago

    Three or four times an hour.

  • Deliciousbutter 7 years ago

    Dammit I looked up gullible.

  • Harrison Broughton 7 years ago

    I’m proud that I don’t have Facebook 

  • Greg Hufton 7 years ago

    I do have Facebook, but I’m barely on it.

  • Colton Doyle 7 years ago

    Friday is a song without the letter e. I owned that bitch.

  • snowdevil002 7 years ago

    these people are really that stupid?

  • Eric Mugford 7 years ago

    Lol a “cunt-sultant”. That is funny. X)

  • Tyler Davis 7 years ago

    wait a minute! rock music is still around!? i thought it was screaming
    accompanied by loud noises or country music except crying about some girl
    who left you so you go drink in a bar until you pass out and wake up in the
    bathroom with your pants down. 

  • Menalot Daranciang 7 years ago

    Stuff like chains going “repost in 1 minute and your crush will marry you,
    don’t repost and your family will die” is the reason I quit Instagram and
    (one of) the reason(s) middle school social networking sucks.

  • MCWon212 7 years ago

    Hey dude! Gullible is in the dictionary! I looked it up on like 10
    dictionaries! What an idiot!! =P

  • Nahla Anwer 7 years ago

    I really want to know what benefit do admins get out of getting likes and

  • PrivateScoots 7 years ago

    What about the Facebook photos where they tell you to “Like” for the first
    thing, “Comment” for the other thing. Example: Like if you like Family Guy,
    Comment for South Park, and “Ignore” for say…. like… Glee or some bullshit…
    It just doesn’t make any damn sense to me. Because likes and comments are
    different. Might as well as ignoring them without giving a ‘Serious Fuck”.

  • LegionaryWithAGladius 7 years ago


  • P3dotme 7 years ago

    The real idiots are the ones who get the easy puzzles wrong. Those idiotic
    ads that say that over 75% of people got this may actually be right.

  • Alex Shih 7 years ago

    STEVEN Hawking?…not sure if he actually misspoke or was joking. o.O

  • Balloon Shot 7 years ago

    I was able to think of a name without the letter A in 3 seconds.
    John Johnson.

  • IllusiveZoroark46 7 years ago

    That’s the exact same reason I don’t do what they say

  • Dyskit 7 years ago

    I remember post on facebook that said that typing your password into the
    comments turns it into asterisks* or something like that, AND PEOPLE
    FUCKING TRIED IT, only getting confused after realising a minute later that
    it didn’t work and then only the slightly less brain-dead quickly deleted
    their post while others kept the post and just replied “why didn’t it work?”
    This was all before I deleted my facebook account, couldn’t stand that shit
    reducing my IQ every time I went to news feed.

  • mike lowy 7 years ago

    buckley your right. mankind is pathetic

  • jake mcgowan 7 years ago


  • Mason Pearmain 7 years ago

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me?! Since
    when was the 90′s the last time any decent rock music came out?! Look, I
    love your work, but that just kills me. It’s like you’ve never heard Bring
    Me the Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape the Fate, Slipknot, etc.

  • Domipager 7 years ago

    Why the hell are so many talking about a7x, if there came up a decent
    “rock” band after the 90′s it was something like Airbourne or Volbeat and
    nothing of those post hardcore bands or a7x.

  • Cris Francisco 7 years ago


  • BadGirlGoodGirl11 7 years ago

    Facebook is slowly going away. Thank goodness. Tumblr isn’t nearly as full
    of idiots and is a much better site.