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  • AmandaMagick 5 years ago

    this no longer works… you cannot get the whole code to work and when you
    put in the beginning of the code again it wont go…. FB has gotten wise to
    thins….. grrrrrr

  • Breno Gradel 5 years ago

    where is the code????? thankx.

  • AyooMoments 5 years ago


  • hesham ahmed 5 years ago

    : didnt work

  • fernando sanchez 5 years ago

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  • Vedant Karan 5 years ago


  • Vakata Petkov 5 years ago

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  • Steven Gomez 5 years ago

    Does this code still work ?

  • Neha Shamita 5 years ago

    Thanks Cody..Its really worthy secret..

  • Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo 5 years ago

    dont work man

  • saham jaya 5 years ago

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  • Stellan Jara 5 years ago

    This is old news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me how to invite all your friends to
    the new groups, then I’d be impressed!

  • comaraj 5 years ago

    Great tip. Thank you.

  • CompleteBeauty09 5 years ago

    This worked for me! :)

  • jesseromero1 5 years ago

    Great Ninja tip. I’ve used this oldie but goodie in the past but lost the
    code somewhere. Thanks for bringing this one back!

  • manish maharjan 5 years ago

    no code :(

  • KID OCEAN 5 years ago

    GREAT CODE…………..wasted five minutes

  • shakaama 5 years ago

    could you do a video just on marketing on facebook please

  • Equinox JPT 5 years ago

    i searched for it on google but this only works on events. then again i
    found a post from tech jucktion which has a trick that works on all of the
    pages, groups, apps and events to invite everyone. Don’t know about you but
    i use fan page to promote most of the sites. so this is really important to

  • treverbettis 5 years ago

    They changed it again haha

  • Tania Campos 5 years ago

    do you have the new one??

  • Nassim Ouail 5 years ago

    document.getElementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid
    in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){fs.click(elms[fid]);}}

  • AdamBlood12 5 years ago

    thank you !!

  • ministyle98 5 years ago


  • Ruth Howard 5 years ago

    Thanks so much, Cody. I’ve been wondering for a long time how to “Select
    All.” You’re a gem.