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  • Marquel Russell 7 years ago


  • Sherry Marie 7 years ago

    Lovely! Great tips. :)

  • Needa Lawyer 7 years ago

    Great tips on facebook marketing Tonya. Should take your laptop to the
    garden and try it lol

  • Ryan Shaffer 7 years ago

    So many people don’t use Facebook marketing properly, but you gave some
    nice tips here Tonya. great job !

  • Andrew Twelftree 7 years ago

    Facebook is the sleeping giant for lead generation for most marketers,
    Tonya’s advice here may well unleash it for you. Drew

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    go ahead and try it Mary….snap! lol

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    That’s right….you can do it in a snap with Facebook…

  • mysuperlifetime 7 years ago

    Very good tips! Nice content! mlmgoldmine(.)tk

  • Mary Lightbody 7 years ago

    Important information given here.

  • Smygolas Pilkasis 7 years ago

    This video is simply amazing, thats why it got thousand of views! ;)

  • Bernie Kaufman 7 years ago

    Thanks again Tonya for the good stuff

  • MalariaMusicTv 7 years ago

    i shared this vid

  • Neil Bradley 7 years ago

    Facebook is really powerful! Great tips here!

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago


  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    Hi Darin, thanks so much!

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago


  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    Hi Bernie, great to see you and thank you for your wonderful comments!

  • summer bragg 7 years ago

    good tips – and great video. :)

  • leannajackson803 7 years ago

    youre really smart mate, youre videos show that

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    Hey thanks Mrshaffer1000 appreciate your comments!

  • Marquel Russell 7 years ago

    Awesome FB Marketing TipS!!

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    Hi Needa,….still winter here, but my banana trees will be back up to par
    soon…will do~ Thanks for your great comments~

  • TonyaRosaReviews 7 years ago

    HI, that would be great! Thank you!

  • darin mccall 7 years ago

    Awesome marketing tips for Facebook. Very solid presentation and
    informative. Thank you very much!

  • janicebarrett594 7 years ago

    Nice loved the quality.