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  • EvanderSmart 7 years ago

    Great information, Michelle! Thank you.

  • Sean Hendy 7 years ago

    Michelle, Interesting presentation. the ROI of the adverts you present at
    the 1hr 4min mark on the video. Your conclusion is to advertise on mobile.
    Your 1st ad, right hand side desktop ROI was 34.9 cents per like. Mobile
    was only marginally better only at 30.92 cents per like. 2nd ad, 50 likes
    from mobile devices (91.6 cents per like) rather than desktop (48.2 cents
    per like). Post ad engagement you say huge difference- mobile is 14cents
    per engagement, desktop is cheaper @12cents

  • L Thomas 7 years ago

    I would never miss any Trainings that Michelle is in!!!