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  • Mike Newby 7 years ago

    I was frustrated..
    (about ready to die actually LOL)
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  • Peter Simmons 7 years ago

    Hi Laura,
    This seems like a good video but your mic is too far from you. ( I am a professional video producer ) The image is GREAT but you need to get an external mic or put the camera much closer.

  • Joe jackson 7 years ago

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  • Andu X 7 years ago

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  • s2293r23 7 years ago

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  • Matthew DiGeronimo 7 years ago


  • arianacristian11 7 years ago

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  • Michael Dye 7 years ago

    I was frustrated

    (about ready to die actually LOL)

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  • john miller 7 years ago

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  • Daryl Brown 7 years ago

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  • pikulbdjsr1 7 years ago

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  • Gary Roberts 7 years ago

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