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  • Paul Messina 6 years ago

    Thanks David, so eaasy to follow and very clear instructions…Cheers!

  • Jeff Beeman 6 years ago

    Thank yo for puttig this together…I had been struggling with FB Marketing
    and see many errors in my ways. Hoping I haven’t done to much damage that
    it can be corrected.

  • Tom S 6 years ago

    Great video instruction! Would like to get the link to that swipe file

  • Jeff Beeman 6 years ago

    And wow I need more coffee – Typos!

  • Marilyn Aragon 6 years ago

    great video thank you for posting this and caring enough to let us know
    about great and affective FB posting and building a network!!

  • Howard Haisten 6 years ago

    David, you may not be a public school teacher but you are a teacher. Thank
    you for this fantastic instructional video. You touched on the very things
    that I have been very unsure about when it comes to FB do’s & don’ts. You
    mentioned a swipe file in the video. Is there a link to access that swipe
    file? Thanks again

  • Dave Brockman 6 years ago