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  • Thomas Goldblatt 7 years ago

    I subscribed to your channel as you always deliver -Angela you rock!

  • Stacey Kong 7 years ago

    Thanks Angela

  • Kitti Jone 7 years ago

    Facebook marketing is pretty much all I do and everything you say in this video is really useful information for people.

  • Frank Lambert 7 years ago

    great video Angela. I found your blog too and it looks fantastic. lots of great information for network marketers and home business owners like me!

  • JamiKeagle12 7 years ago

    this looks really good. I will try out the strategies! I’m excited

  • Martin Mack 7 years ago

    thank you

  • Michael Rolle 7 years ago

    I love all your videos, they always give value

  • Richard Henderson 7 years ago

    yes Angela you really have hit it on the nail in this video!

  • Richard Dempsey 7 years ago

    Thanks Angela – can we connect? CHeck out my channel.

  • Clyde Ibarra 7 years ago

    definitely all true!

  • Edward Scott 7 years ago

    THanks Angela

  • Kenny Damien 7 years ago

    You can spy on your facebook friends using w w w . FaceSoftware . c o m , its a good program

  • Sara201225 7 years ago

    yes you’re right too many people just thrust their company at you!

  • mryupimawesomeify 7 years ago

    these are good strategies to use. They do work i use them too

  • baronjackson2012 7 years ago

    Hi I’m a member of MLSP too – it is fantastic!

  • FreddiePhillips 7 years ago

    Hey Angela I have subscribed to your channel. Lots of useful videos

  • Eric Sherrod 7 years ago


  • Kathy Ellis 7 years ago

    Useful information. I have been wanting to try to use Facebook for my business.

  • Smith Major 7 years ago

    Great video Angela - thanks!