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  • trexinvert 7 years ago

    Good message. 10% who read = 90% who don’t give shi*t(worse are annoyed). Personally, I haven’t touched my FB for 2 years.  Why? FB(personal info) + “click like” anything corporate/business/etc. = instant personal data downloaded to a company/databank = more “personalized” junk mail. FB ingenuity is trojanhorse junkmail disguised as “friends”. Peace.

  • Jinho Park 7 years ago

    I agree with what you talked about, but using both facebook and google are still better than just using google.

  • TonightsFights 7 years ago

    Have been wondering about this since they started showing the “Promote”. This FB/G+ comparison should be flow charted to show this, Would it be safe to say that FB has essentially become run by investors for investors?

  • Mili Ponce 7 years ago

    Another great vid!

  • Bob Thompson 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Guerrilla Marketing Ideas & Social Media Strategies 7 years ago

    @ddsharper THANKS!

  • ddsharper 7 years ago

    I really love your videos, and the frankness of your messages. Thank you for this.