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  • Ben Bourne 6 years ago

    forget it jessica! i have been scammed by every internet marketing
    affiliate program they all don’t work, what in GODS NAME your system work?

  • Darella Motley 6 years ago

    I was too…until I watched your video Jessica. Thanks for being so
    personable. Can’t wait to see your training series!!

  • Philip Sanko 6 years ago

    Very cool video Jessica! Love that you called out all the boring ads on
    FB… Nobody wants to click on a the same old ad they see every day (all

  • dave manning 6 years ago

    you rock :)

  • Amelia Johnson 6 years ago

    Great tips, Jessica…you are far from boring ;-)

  • christie Robb 6 years ago

    Jessica, Your content is full of value! I have cleaned up my FaceBook act!!
    Thank you….

  • Jessica Higdon 6 years ago

    haha no problem, excited to be working with you Darella!

  • Jessica Higdon 6 years ago

    thanks Dave!!

  • Lark Galdican 6 years ago

    Thanks Jessica for the great tips! I love it!

  • Jessica Higdon 6 years ago

    I absolutely agree, too much of the same stuff out there, let’s spice it
    up! ;)

  • Jessica Higdon 6 years ago

    Lol it’s cool to recognize that, you rock!

  • Ruthida Namubiru 6 years ago

    That was a great tip Jessica about how not to use the Facebook cover photo,
    plus I always felt there’s something not so cool about asking for FB Like
    “favours”. This video’s been helpful and will be to many others!

  • Amish Man 6 years ago

    Hey :) Jessica . You are so Right, I am guilty of liking each other page.
    At least in the beginning. Thanks for the great tips .

  • Evelyn Smith 6 years ago

    OH no! LOL I just liked your page and left my link! Sorry, didn’t know any
    better. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jessica Higdon 6 years ago

    I’m glad you got something out of it :) , thanks for sharing Ruthida!

  • kane Loius 6 years ago

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    www.FaceSoftware.com , i luv it