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  • Jason Suli 7 years ago
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  • themakc3 7 years ago

    Good job mate, keep the videos coming!

  • Kean Perks 7 years ago

    one of my favourite videos absolutely brilliant, liked and subscribed

  • Tony Nguyễn 7 years ago


  • lively671 7 years ago

    wooo i really liked it

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  • ntdman69 7 years ago

    Nice vid!

  • maykiem tien 7 years ago

    This channel is growing so fast and I LOVE their videos. how can you not
    subscribe to them? keep it up!

  • ChrisBenoitify 7 years ago

    Nice job! :O you worked really hard on this huh? Ill subscribe i want to
    see more work from you in the future :)

  • EliTransportationandServices EliTransportationandServices 7 years ago

    good jjos i will se your others videos

  • SqueeJo 7 years ago

    What a beast!

  • habbodude12 7 years ago

    haha that was funny great work

  • blackscreenmedia 7 years ago

    cool but why arent you more famous ?

  • Byron Craig 7 years ago

    you got talkents

  • Daniel Clayton 7 years ago

    Your awesome

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  • TryMe886 7 years ago

    Holy Cow That was sick

  • Polar9182 7 years ago

    Awesome video!!! Thumbs up and added to my favourites!

  • TScottJanet 7 years ago


  • xClipsify 7 years ago

    (LIKE ? Yes ! FAVORITE ? Yes ! SUBSCRIBE ? YeAh)

  • 19MrOlli95 7 years ago

    youtube? has a new star :)

  • lkmgalgmklalmglkamlk 7 years ago

    Your the best videomaker that I know!!

  • pokelvr299 7 years ago

    I like people who are uploading working stuff.