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  • Paul Wilson 7 years ago

    I agree with Wes. As 101 advice this makes sense, theres a lot of crap out there regarding SEO. Look forward to the next videos.

  • Purbita Ditecha 7 years ago

    Seo content writing and regular update are the best part of online business success! 

  • Wes Coughlin 7 years ago

    This actually probably the best SEO advice ever givin by an SEO person. Create good content! Don’t spend hours tweaking your title tags, your meta tags, your alt tags. Creating something cool, something useful, something people actually want to read/watch and google will catch on.

  • Jonathan Martin 7 years ago

    the best most? lol

  • Patty Giraldi 7 years ago

    Very vague, not helpful one bit. There were no specific examples. Show a case study before vs. after what what was done, specifically, to improve the ranking. Give us visual examples!

  • Simon Gregory 7 years ago

    that was a waste of 3 minutes! help your customers dont pretend to be offering them advice they already know