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  • Andreya01 7 years ago

    WOW, really AWESOME video!! Just curious, if you do the ‘Google alert’, is
    it still okay if some of it is actually legit articles you published
    elsewhere yourself? (Do you have a choice when to take further action and
    when to say, ‘Okay, this is something I published elsewhere myself’? Or
    does google automatically take action against all duplicates?) Thank you
    again for such informative videos!!

  • manuel charmota 7 years ago

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    sure you get into a sizzling niche ready to buy. Trust me your gonna like
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  • Joanne Greco 7 years ago

    Hi Wil, I’ve been watching all your Affiliate Summit videos and have really
    learned a lot from you. Just wanted to say thanks!

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago


  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    You got it, my pleasure.

  • antthonygfgrant 7 years ago

    this guys speaks so much sense, I’m just starting out and he;s made me feel
    a lot more calmer. Thanks for posting this,

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    No sweat, glad to help.

  • DCFinder 7 years ago

    Eliminate duplicate content on your web site. It will have a huge effect on
    rankings – especially after the Panda Update!

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    Hey mrpowerhouse, keep spreading the news then :) Thanks for the positive

  • MrPowerhouse 7 years ago

    There are not enough people watching your videos … Wil, I’m a fan.

  • partyplanpat 7 years ago

    Nice tidbit! I am one of those pple who come up with stuff, and get some
    strange pingbacks with my own content coming from someone else. Good thing
    I am using SEO best practices. Now how can one tell if they are over
    optimized, I am concerned that I may have been sandboxed???

  • Bejizz 7 years ago

    Hey Will I just discovered your work and I flicking through. I am throughly
    impressed with your knowledge and expertise. I just started out an online
    business and am learning from you already thanks. Business needs more
    people like you. Is there a way to contact for some consulting pls? Let me
    know. B

  • Variable Wavelength 7 years ago

    All you have to do is publish your articles in .pdf form.

  • vidiSEO 7 years ago

    Solid advice on combating content theft !

  • Demontechnology 7 years ago


  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    send me the URL and I’ll take a look – sandboxing doesn’t really happen
    anymore, I haven’t seen it in some time.

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    Andeeya01, thanks! I am not sure I understand the question, but as I
    understand it, Google will seek to figure out which article was the
    original, others will not show in most instances.

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    Glad I could be of assistance! Thanks for subscribing and best of luck with
    your SEO efforts!

  • Wil Reynolds 7 years ago

    Thanks Anthony, look out for more videos coming :) Thanks for the support