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  • Duane Buford 7 years ago

    You are the Best, I always trust your info.

  • walters adam 7 years ago

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  • reneezy2012 7 years ago

    You don’t understand how amped up I am now after watching these videos. You’re a godsend!

  • Ken Paul 7 years ago

    Yeah Lisa is pretty awesome! :)

  • Ken Paul 7 years ago

    I think Her results speak for themselves…as they say…the proof is in the pudding. I love Lisa’s dessert! :)

  • Miller Mark J. 7 years ago

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  • masudcu 7 years ago

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  • Smith James L 7 years ago

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  • Mike Barr 7 years ago

    being personally passionate is irrelevant, you can always outsource content. Plus its a far better strategy.

  • shays southern style 7 years ago

    Girl, I feel like I’m back in college, I been watching your video, taking notes, running back and forward from your website to google search, whew but thanks so much for the information your giving for free because I have learned a lot with my budget not allowing me to buy other information people are selling that your taking the time to do for free, thanks again.

  • Fabricio M Lobato 7 years ago

    Just love u and ur tips…..Thanks a lot. Got into all the websites u advised, and yes, that´s the thing. :)

  • morgan antonio b 7 years ago

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  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    The com version is free but doesn’t allow you to add plugins and make money from it. The org version is installed through a paid host and you have full control and can do whatever you want.

  • Wakeup 7 years ago

    What is the difference between wordpresscom and wordpressorg?

  • gherrad damian 7 years ago


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  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    This is so great to hear! Thanks for watching and continued success!

  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    Yes, WP is a regular, paid host so you can use AdSense with any site hosted there.

  • workwithksmusselman 7 years ago

    I’ve heard quite a few people asking about that. There’s one old, established SBI site that I get a lot of traffic from through a link she gave me. I need to find 10 others just like that in different niches and my bookmarks site will be off the charts – without Google! :-)

  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    Yep. There is still no company that really educates as well as they do. Just hoping they incorporate WordPress!

  • workwithksmusselman 7 years ago

    I completely agree with you about SBI. I don’t regret using their system. I learned A LOT during the three years I was there.

  • Snuggels08 7 years ago

    I have a question, when I buy and register my domain name with your websitepalace site and also buy the WordPress host feature on your site, can I use adsense on my blog? I heard that you can’t use adsense on WP.com but you can with the normal WP host.

  • Snuggels08 7 years ago

    Just finished both of your 40:00 minute videos watching them back to back. I’m so happy to have found your channel, it really encouraged me to finally start my own journey on youtube/with a new blog.

  • rawhairorganics 7 years ago

    I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the videos that you produce. They always seem to be exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. I’m 11 months in, and I am soo glad that I didn’t get discouraged and did what you said and just kept pressing forward with my blogs. I’m up to about 200 unique viewers every day in 50+ countries world-wide. I get questions, emails, & orders now from around the world almost EVERY DAY, and it has become FUN. My blog is organic hair color review

  • Lisa Irby 7 years ago

    The contact form is on my main navigation.

  • holmique 7 years ago

    Hey darling, I’m trying to find the contact info on your site, but no luck. Could you give me the details. Thanks a bunch!!!