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  • Wal Sid 7 years ago

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  • Milan2003pan 7 years ago

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  • TheEnigmacafe 7 years ago

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  • Make Money 7 years ago

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  • Dam Romania 7 years ago

    I use “Squirrly SEO” which is a SEO plugin for WordPress
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  • Jonathan Leger 7 years ago

    Anyone else seeing lower rankings for authority sites and higher rankings for small, niche sites?

  • Peter Sundstrom 7 years ago

    @jasonthedeveloper1, if you do stick with SEOPressor, just make sure you turn off the automatic decoration features and manually bold, underline and italize your keywords. That way, it won’t matter if SEOPressor is disabled or removed.

  • jasonthedeveloper1 7 years ago

    Great review. I think I’ll give ClickBump a try. I’ve been using seoPressor for awhile now, but I don’t like the fact that the changes I make aren’t permanent. If one day I do a wordpress update and seoPressor decides not to support the new wordpress (it happens sometimes), all of the seo will be undone if I have to deactivate seoPressor. From what I have read so far, ClickBump doesn’t have this issue. Again, thanks for review and keep up the great work. I’ve subscribed to your channel.