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  • Jerome Chiaro 7 years ago

    There are many rules for running a sweepstakes, not as many for a contest. The biggest difference is that a sweepstakes is random and a contest you can choose whoever you want set upon a previously determined criteria.

    Be sure to including a terms of agreement document and privacy policy for everything you are doing in the contest and you will be ok.

  • Jerome Chiaro 7 years ago

    hi gimon,

    I use WildFireApp .. they are run by Google and it takes alot of the legalese out and starts at only $5 per promo.

    As for Facebook, make sure to create a separate App when you run a contest especially if you are collecting info like emails. Then send your customers to this app.

    You really get in trouble with Facebook when you start asking people to like/comment/share in contests on your page or other peoples pages. What I do is send the people directly to the app page.

  • gimon99 7 years ago

    hi jerome. great video and really helpful for those in FnB business. i have one question…could u please give some insight on running contest in Facebook? basically some guidelines and rules. (especially what are the things that are not allowed)