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Want to know how to carry out keyword analysis for your SEO campaign like a pro? I’m sharing some of my best tips on how to put an effective process in place…
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  • Matthew Barby 7 years ago

    ‘barbyFactor’ – love it haha! I see what you’re getting at with that formula as I tried a similar thing to try and get a proportional view of the results based on search volume:moz difficulty.

    Your formula works to a point but may need a little tweaking – I will see if I can build on it!

  • LaunchMore Smart Websites - website builder 7 years ago

    Hey Matthew – I’m implementing the barbyFactor which helps give a higher “value” rating to the lower moz difficulties. In this video, in column E try this formula: ((1/D1)*(1/D1)*C1/1000 – then sort column E by descending. Scroll down and see if the list organizes similar to your manual selections (if the greens rows sort together) – I’m curious if it matches. The formula ((1/moz)*(1/moz))*lms/1000 is not perfect, but it makes a moz 40% three times more “Valuable” than moz 70%. To Your Success!

  • Matthew Barby 7 years ago

    Hi Robert – glad you found it useful. Yeh, conditional formatting is great for stuff like this – really helps to highlight things a lot easier.

  • Robert Pucciariello 7 years ago

    Well done Matthew! Thank you for this thorough and logical approach. I never considered using conditional formatting - had always done a color analysis manually but one has to marvel at how it reveals the analysis through color gradients. Awesome. Robert.