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  • Aron G. Katz 6 years ago

    And yes WordPress can work, you have every single element from websites in
    plugin form so …as long as you know what you are doing, you will be fine +Malan
    Darras , love your video, very true and sticked to reality!

  • Elizabeth Jamieson 6 years ago

    Hear, hear

  • Bronson Laureiro 6 years ago

    Great advice here Malan.

    I agree completely, No skills? Then Skill up. Your Dentist analogy made me
    chuckle but it makes complete sense.

    One should at least understand the fundamentals before trying to outsource
    the work.

    You forgot to post the link you mentioned in the video. You might have
    been thinking about codecademy http://www.codecademy.com/

    Another free source is Learnstreet

    For basic html I always refer to http://www.w3schools.com/

    - B

  • Rick Medina 6 years ago

    Thanks for the video Malan. Question:
    How much time does it take you to make a lander and x number of banners?
    how many of them do you make let’s say in a day?

  • Kevin Plover 6 years ago

    YES! Watch this and soak it in.

  • Jedrzej Karpinski 6 years ago

    I’ve learned all by myself and only with Google. I had access to first PC
    bit late, when I was around 20-22 (now 32 full time online). I’m not an
    expert in HTML,CSS and PHP or in general in AJAX technologies, but I can
    create virtually anything I want (it just takes more time). If someone
    knows what is looking for and he/she is able to create a right query for
    the Google, there are no limits. I do exactly the same “copy and paste”
    technique. Robert Nixson wrote a great book to learn basics of the WWW.
    Thank you Malan for vids and posts ;) 

  • Reid Yamamoto 6 years ago

    This is a timely video for me because I’ve recently decided to upgrade my
    skills. You make a great point about playing the game of web marketing
    without skills and how ludicrous it is. 

  • Mike S 6 years ago

    If you’re going to bootstrap your business, then you’ve got no choice. Get
    busy learning what you need to know. If you suck at coding a website- pay
    the $130 and get Artisteer. They got some really great templates, and you
    don’t have to know Photoshop or Dreamweaver to put up an awesome looking
    site. About wordpress – I used to think that wordpress was slow too. I’ve
    got a wordpress site on a shared hosting account. After I installed google
    analytics and google webmaster tools they helped get my site from a low 70%
    rating to a mid 90% rating for both desktop and mobile. And it only took an
    afternoon to fix it up. Now it loads as good or better than the average
    website out there, so ignore what you here about wordpress being slow.

  • Joe Cinocca 6 years ago

    lynda.com is solid

  • Jedrzej Karpinski 6 years ago

    What PPV (or maybe different) network would you recommend for a physical
    product? (landing page with a long copy and short video, 1st Goal = sale
    right of the bat). The niche is related to SEO/SEM/IM. Also, if possible
    with low deposit (no free $1000+ at this time). Would really appreciate
    your help, Thanks!

  • ilkandi1 6 years ago

    haha “I don’t know what a tooth is.”

  • Jedrzej Karpinski 6 years ago

    Malan I have changed by game plan. Going to take your advice and make it on
    POF. I have a partner who is willing to spend $20K+ if we can get something
    going on in 90 days. Initially we have $1000 to start and hopefully find
    something that works. What do you think about multiplying campaigns and
    running 100s of them on low bids? This strategy is promoted on POF blog by
    Ben. Any thoughts?