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  • Kylie Menz 7 years ago

    Hey Luke a great video and lots of learning for me…Going to have to re-watch shortly and take it all on board again. Thanks for sharing.

  • ThatDavinatorGuy 7 years ago

    Hey there Luke…enjoyed the video. Yes indeed, I really like SEOPressor…I like the guesswork it takes out of worrying about “over optimizing” these days. With so many changes with Google all the time, it’s almost getting to the point of completely re-learning SEO compared to what we’ve been taught in the past.

  • Wayne Gillies 7 years ago

    Hi Luke

    A great video explanation for beginners and agree that SEOPressor is a must for anyone serious about optimizing their blog post for the search engines.


  • Bettie King 7 years ago

    Thank you Luke. SEO is hard for me, but I will “get it” one day… lol. Deb