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For those who missed our #io14 presentation, join us in this office hours hangout for SEO tips on improving your site’s appearance in search results. The 3 topics we’ll cover are: 1. Mobile…
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  • Menashe Avramov 6 years ago

    On the last IO Hangout Google introduced us a new tool for webmasters that
    have a international multi regional site.

    Its the “International Targeting Section” in GWT(Still not public though).
    The new tool show us info about error with href lang.
    More detailed info and screenshots can be found over here: 22:20

    I almost sure that +John Mueller looked for testers on his G+ profile few
    days ago over here

  • Adesh Saxena 6 years ago
  • GeelongBellarineIM 6 years ago

    Didnt know that we could use google to prevent scam. Great information.

  • Seo Supplier 6 years ago

    Best practices and common mistakes in SEO

  • Tú Cao 6 years ago

    Thank for share, i learn more about optimizations mobile for website.

  • Strategic Digital Media 6 years ago

    Best practices and common mistakes in SEO

  • Carlos Pablak 6 years ago

    *Buenas practicas y errores comunes en SEO* comentados en este video de
    Google Webmasters Central.
    Interesante la nueva aplicación de las *Herramientas para Webmasters*: se
    trata de *International Targeting* que entre otras cosas ayuda a la
    orientación geográfica en sitios multilenguaje y multizona.

  • rankyaseoservices 6 years ago

    Google hangout on air explaining how to identify spam and other security
    issues through Google Webmaster Tools

  • Steve Martin 6 years ago

    If you missed Google i/o, like I did, here is a chance to watch a Hangout
    on the Best practices and common mistakes in SEO <- Click

    *Some of the topics discussed in this video are*

    - Mobile Misconfiguration
    - Multi Regional / Lingual
    - Spam and abuse Tips

  • Mark Hallam 6 years ago

    Some good tips to keep in mind regarding best practice for SEO.

  • Oki AKUTAGAWA 6 years ago


  • Rhonda Chapman 6 years ago

    Wow some stuff I didn’t know hurt your ranking.
    *Google talks mobile site and more.*

  • Andrew Rulnick 6 years ago

    Great office hours +Google Partners!

  • Rod Lewis 6 years ago

    Hey, listen up! It’s Google speaking SEO.
    Have a coffee, it’s (surprisingly) a bit dry, but there is some good info,
    hang in there.

  • shankar soma 6 years ago

    Google I/O wasn’t all about wearable gadgets and mobile, it also covered
    some SEO topics. In fact, folks from the Google Webmaster team gave a
    presentation titled “Best Practice & Common Mistakes in SEO.”

  • Chris Ainsworth 6 years ago

    Best practices and common mistakes in SEO Google Hangout from 30th June 2014

    Best practices and common mistakes in SEO

  • Philip Zeplin 6 years ago

    I feel like I’m here a bit too early…
    Sounds interesting though!

  • Chris Johnson 6 years ago

    More gogle bs to get you demoted on search. Let’sgo spam some backlinks.
    Now thats some content, YOU DO WHAT YOUR TOLD!

  • Matt Hintze 6 years ago

    Insightful Google’s Webmaster team…for the technically inclined.

  • Orit Mutznik 6 years ago
  • Mayank Sahai 6 years ago

    Thanks Marry, Eric and Michale for sharing these good points…. how you
    can define duplicate content as i have found multiple answers regarding

  • Shane Joseph 6 years ago

    Hi, how would one fix the missing return links?

  • Ronny Marx 6 years ago

    Awesome session guys! Especially the mobile issue is one of the most
    important ones for future SEO.

  • Kristin Snody Olson 6 years ago
  • Video SEO Services: #1 in 'Performance Based SEO' 6 years ago

    Great video