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  • bipolardiscussions 5 years ago

    I’ll never know if apple is better than competitors because they charge too
    much for their shit even though it’s got the same hardware as the other

  • brickman409 5 years ago

    here it is, Steve Jobs himself saying that the entire success of Apple is
    built on whole bunch of marketing BS. lol

  • Michael Michuki 5 years ago

    Think Different. Steve Jobs always knew how to spark that idea

  • 640abdalla 5 years ago

    There Steve said it ”Marketing is about values” And people always say oh
    well ”Apple is a marketing company” NO Apple is a company with values but
    whether you like their values or not thats isn’t the point…the point is
    that they have values, they stand for something and they are consistent
    with their values! Thats why Apple has been hugely successful for the last
    two decades! 

  • Jeremy Lai Wai Kit 5 years ago

    Not going to compare with Windows? Then what about the Mac vs PC ads? :O 

  • Asaad Dennis 5 years ago

    Oh… So that’s where Stefan got that from… “Here’s to the War Mongers.”

  • TangyLid 5 years ago

    Genius. This campaign started the Apple rise to power in the late 90s,
    early 2000s. 

  • Damion Elson 5 years ago

    Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think di…:

  • Germeen Adel 5 years ago

    The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World, Are the
    Ones Who Do.

  • ThePolyTree 5 years ago

    How sad and glad that he himself would have made the greatest of all Think
    Different posters. He was the chief among those that did Think Different. I
    feel that when he died, so did the 80′s and 90′s with him. Love you forever
    Steve. Thank you for giving me OSX. 

  • Ronald Salas 5 years ago

    the best and in a casual look without expensive ties or suits.. agreta
    lesson against those prejudiced ones

  • toni markovski 5 years ago

    That you need to explode your business…See HERE:

  • María López Santamaría 5 years ago

    “We live in a very noisy world. There is no chance we are going to get
    people to remember much about us. So we have to be very CLEAR on what we
    want them to know about US”.

    This is not only for companies.


  • xIVANDOOMx 5 years ago

    what year was this video taken in???

  • FieseKrise Produktionskollektiv 5 years ago

    An egoistic salesman claiming he’s an altruistic gamechanger.
    #makeeveryFoxconnanApple or#boycottiPhone6

  • Chinarut Ruangchotvit 5 years ago

    watching this makes me appreciate how courageous Martin Luther King, Jr.
    was to #thinkdifferent 

  • razielsunlimited 5 years ago

    Just talking about flying pigs, nothing real, just nonsenses to try to tie
    people to their brand. I’m not going to downvote, I just like to see
    companies merchandising techniques to keep people sticked to their ass, and
    wanted to give a bit of my opinion, nothing I usually do.

    I still remember nowadays coca-cola ads, how they play with people
    feelings. Nice and awful at the same time. Just keep your mind open when
    you see this kind of stuff, and know they just want you to give them money.

  • Lars Sang Mo Boom 5 years ago

    Heeft Steve Jobs van Nike afgekeken ;-) ?

  • raredreamfootage 5 years ago

    Wow Apple is Nike inspired?

  • Raee Ra 5 years ago

    So he is endeavouring to move away from conventional marketing strategy
    apparently, at the same time bringing his apple in the que of big brands
    Sony, Nike which were well reputated at that timewhen this speech
    delivered, apple was unknown in most part of world however I do not know
    status in USA. If he is the man of his word, while launching the first
    iPhone he took blackberry, Nokia cell phones and mocked at their physically
    keypad and many other stuff. Yet in this video he claims that we do not
    compare or promote over product in comparison to others we believe in
    value. I really did not get this man… Seriously he was just a cunningly
    clever chap. 

  • shilohwillcome 5 years ago

    Nice thought, but i’m pretty sure none of those people thought they were
    changing the world. 

  • Martha Ramos 5 years ago

    I see what you did their Steve.. You wanted to inspire people and make them
    believe they could be anything and be as big as the company, that was your
    marketing pitch. Everyone wants to feel like they can do something and
    create something amazing, so target pretty much everyone and sell them that
    idea, that gives the product you are talking about (apple) a good positive
    view in peoples minds. Does anyone else agree?

  • I wesrserserse 5 years ago

    MIPS and Megahertz not “bits and MHz”

    The term is commonly used in association with a numeric value such as
    million instructions per second (MIPS)

  • joness141 5 years ago

    From which year is this speech?

  • Drew Martell 5 years ago

    Notice at 0:35 he mentions Coke instead of Pepsi.