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  • Guy Monague 7 years ago

    sounds great guys, looking forward to it, i am just launching my marketing and consulting business

  • Steve Vicky Bruce 7 years ago

    Love this, good job.

  • Jillian Perkins 7 years ago

    It’s coming from the page behind, you need to close it

  • Mark Jovan 7 years ago

    Anything with Google+ Hangouts?

  • Casey Slack-Zeman 7 years ago

    Hi Judy, you can exit out of the holding page.

  • MetroHangout 7 years ago

    Judy…I’m not hearing any music. Can you refresh your screen?

  • Judy Helm Wright 7 years ago

    How do we get the music to stop so we can hear the speaker?

  • XgXNoScopeZzXgX 7 years ago


  • Casey Slack-Zeman 7 years ago

    Go ahead and leave some comments below!