Added by on 2015-01-18 In this video I am going to show you from beginning to end how to find a keyword for an Amazon product using the Google Keyword To…
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  • David Tan 6 years ago

    Good video. Thank you. David from Singapore

  • sam C 6 years ago

    Hi Jeff,
    what kind of the program did you use to screen capture?


  • Gill Huyton 6 years ago

    A good video on how to analyze amazon keywords

  • molibwe 6 years ago

    ilike this video man!!!!! i’ve been looking for something like this, coz
    others don’t show like the step by step you are doing here… i really like
    it. and gonna find the part 2 now. hope it will also be a step by step as

  • Anita Jones 6 years ago

    Good information..

  • Jeff Sherwood 6 years ago

    Your loss. Sorry to waste your time.

  • adabatv 6 years ago


  • Lenkmatten Tipps und Tricks 6 years ago

    Boring video. Nithing learned..

  • aminda abeywardana 6 years ago

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  • Jeff Sherwood 6 years ago

    It really just varies from company to company. I have a couple of domains
    with company names in them right now and have had them for almost a year
    and have never had an worries. If you just absolutely do not want to buy
    domains with company names in them but you still want to get the traffic
    then what I am going to be showing in video 2 will help.

  • truthgladiator 6 years ago

    Good video. There might be a problem, though, with getting an exact match
    domain name w/ or any registrar as the name Brita as in this
    example is a brand name. I tried buying some domains with Geico in them
    about two years ago and I got a “cease and desist” email the day after from
    a guy at Geico telling me it was domain squatting. Plus, GoDaddy actually
    fined me for it and those URLs had to go inactive. I’m wondering if there
    is a workaround for that.

  • 89DrFunk 6 years ago

    Great video man! Clear to the point!

  • Jude Mahoney 6 years ago

    Some good points raised. I tried this a couple of years back and made the
    mistake of going for the “juicy” electronics, etc. Also, I didn’t drive
    enough traffic to the sites I’d made, nowhere near enough. Might be time to
    revisit this, for an experiment at least. Good video! :)

  • velimirka zusamen 6 years ago

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  • er0ck7575 6 years ago

    thanks for the vid like to check out more .

  • cha97531 6 years ago

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  • Jeff Sherwood 6 years ago

    Thank you very much! I try to keep it as simple and informational as I
    possibly can.

  • blunixxx 6 years ago

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