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  • Shalu Sharma 7 years ago

    Great video series. I am going through them one by one. Just wondering, for the tier 1, can I have wordpress com and org and blogger blogs?

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    That would be very kind of you! Yes you should use entirely different hosting companies for each self hosted site you choose to add into the mix!

  • TheRealGeekmom 7 years ago

    I’m enjoying this series and I will probably review i soon on my site once I have a chance to experiment with it. I do have a question though. It said to have a different host and IP for the tier 1 sites. Does this also mean that if I have 3 different tier 1 sites that each one has a different company? And what if I actually have some of my own tier 2 and tier 3 sites, do these also require different IPs ranges and hosting?


  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Hi Tim,

    Do you think I could leverage pintrest with my blog? How would you advise I do it?

  • Tim Burton 7 years ago

    Very nice tutorials, I would like to thank you Matthew for sharing your knowledge! Also can add that these methods will work great as seo for pinterest boards, which in turn could have pins to your money site. As Pinterest has high authority they can handle much more spam and link building than average money site, and you will have less risk when next Penguin updates.

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your kind words – who needs WSO’s =D

  • Jan Dirk 7 years ago

    This comment will probably be to long for you to read completely, but i have been able to see the full tutorial twice so hope you will stick :) , i would like to let you know that there should be more people like you out on the internet people that are not scared to share their methods for education purposes. i’ve learned more from your videos then any other tutorial even the paid once’s. Wanted to let you know that i very much appreciate this, and trust me i am not the only one as you well know!