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  • Matei Neagu 7 years ago


  • Jorge Moreira 7 years ago

    having a lot of fun keeping up with your channel . thank you

  • Joaovitordecezaro 7 years ago

    the ranking will last for 4 – 8 weeks or what?

  • mindlesswizards 7 years ago

    or right here. Can you tell me 3 tier system work great or the more the depth the more the result ? I heard about people talking about 10th tier as well :S

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Spam it with blog network links – will only last 4-8 weeks though

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    No worrys – let me know if you have any questions!

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Answered this already on my forum :)

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    No worrys =D

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    UD for tier 1, GSA for everything else!

  • Renan Rodenbusch 7 years ago

    do you prefeer gsa or ultimate demon?

  • Joaovitordecezaro 7 years ago

    Hi Matthew! You got a very nice set of videos in your channel, i’m watching theses videos to rank my website following your techniques, im really thankfull that i find your videos…

    One question: How quick you can rank #1 a website with a competitive keyword lets say weight loss?

    If you wanna give another example keyword you can :) i am just curious haha

  • Jan Dirk 7 years ago

    Mat thank you very very much!

  • sexyminiskirtstore 7 years ago

    Thanks Mat for your sharing ;)
    My question:
    If i only got 1 money site (home improvement) & have diff. kws group (related to interior design, furniture, lighting, etc) which i need to rank, for the case of Tier-1 web2 posts/site, do i need to build
    -Diff Sets of web2 sites (example: 50sites with 1 post) for each kw(s) & point to the money site inner-page, OR
    -i can just build 1 set of web2.0 sites (example: 50sites with few posts) & All posts have links point to the money site’s inner page(s)?

  • mindlesswizards 7 years ago

    Excellent !!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot !!!! To be honest, the best tutorial i have came upon so far !! Have been hunting something like this for so long !!

    Thanks dude !!! Appreciate !!!! Don’t stop spreading Love

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Thanks very much – let me know if you have any questions!

  • Dicomaco 7 years ago

    Brilliant work, this is the best tutorial I’ve followed on link building, and I’ve read / watched a lot! Thanks a lot for sharing!