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  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago


    I take it you skipped over the bit where I stress how critical scraping your own target list is.

    Failures can be because of proxies, captchas, dupe usernames, username to short, username to liong, password not secure enough and a bunch of other reasons.

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback =D

  • ReEVe Yew 7 years ago

    Hi Matthew, I just stumbled upon few of your videos about Tier Links building, and I’m impressed with the step by step guide! Definitely will try out the methods you guide here! Hope to get connected with such a successful internet marketer like you, looking forward to see your reply! Thanks again for the guide! =D

  • Ron Yahaloms 7 years ago

    Hi Matthew!
    Thanks for the great tutorial – I had learned a lot from it. One of the best I’ve read on the net.
    I have bought Ultimate demon (on a monthly subscription for now) and I’m totally disappointed. Total failure.
    Good user interface, but nothing beyond it. Small success rates. Unreliable results.
    I would expect something much better for asking 347$ a month.


  • MrZyzzthetic 7 years ago

    haha, only PR one atm but improving, google cylvus for the site

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Cheers man can’t ask for more than that =D

    I’m in Cheshire!

  • MrZyzzthetic 7 years ago

    what a smashing effort! Even typing out and uploading a transcript (good video seo btw) I will include a link to your site on my own site when i have completed all my tiers, and this should provide you with a massive boost in link juice just to say thanks! Im from leeds Uk, whereabouts are you?

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Check out the post on my blog called ‘How To Find & Engage Your Target Audience Online For Profit’

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Buy an aged domain with PR to get a huge head start :)

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Check out part 6 :)

  • syafiq khalil 7 years ago

    great tutorials..im waiting for your web 2.0 videos?
    when will you post them?..:)

  • Barack Obama 7 years ago

    i don’t need to make money, i need to learn online marketing so i can rank better for my next election. hehe

  • zoltak007 7 years ago

    you’re the president why do you need to make money online?

  • Barack Obama 7 years ago

    how do you even start compete with sites optimized for competetive keywords like “make money online” how can i with a brand new domain compete with them, if i make a lot of backlinks i get banned, if i dont build backlinks i dont rank.

  • Joaovitordecezaro 7 years ago

    no you will just get 50 backlinks, because the tier 1 are the backlinks that point to your site, the quality backlinks are the tier 1′s. the only pages that will be fucked are the links but not your money site. For example, you have 50 tier 1 links pointing to your website (these are your actual backlinks, the ones that point to your website) the tier 2 points to tier 1, so the only risk is that your tiers will be penalised, your money site wont!

  • Barack Obama 7 years ago

    If i buy a new domain name and create 50 tier 1 and 50 tier 2 and 100 tier 3 links will i end up getting 250 000 backlinks? will this hurt my new site like sandbox it? if i have a new domain name, and for an example how high pagerank will i end up having after your backlinking strategy, i want to rank for hard competetive keywords like make money online, paydayloans, and other in that area. I will be forever greatful if you can help me solve this question.

    And thanks for the videos!!

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Anyone you hire to do the link building for you has the ability to make or break your website.  Your handing a loaded gun to whoever you hire so use due diligence if you choose that route.

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Thanks Michael

  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago


  • Matthew Woodward 7 years ago

    Thanks very much - more to come :)

  • jay step 7 years ago

    Another great and up to date video. Matthew, keep on killin it.

  • Jay Rajpal 7 years ago

    Great video Matthew! …

  • Michael Gonzalez 7 years ago

    Wow man you worked hard on this! Very good information. Check out my website: pagewow.com

  • Oscar Perez 7 years ago

    Thanks for making these videos simple to follow. One question: it seems that to do all this link building, you need a few tools. This tools would be nice to have and when you do have an ‘empire’ of blogs to rank, but for those of us that just have a couple of blogs that we run as hobbies—do you recommend any services out there that will do this tiered link building like you do it?