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  • Liamer 5 years ago

    These are 5 great suggestions that every start-up should do. The company
    based email is the biggest one of the 5, if you ask me. That is going to
    be your primary form of communication and nearly every stranger you come in
    contact with is going to make their way back to your website from the
    domain in the email you just sent.

    There is a 6th tool that should have been mentioned and it is free (and
    more important than the other 5 tools). The best way to market yourself
    early on is through great “customer service”. It seems basic but you don’t
    realize how many start-ups or small businesses fall flat on this. Return
    calls and emails within 1 or 2 hours, if not sooner. The word will get
    around, and though you might be small, the word of mouth about your
    professionalism will reward your business greatly. #smallbusinessmarketing
    #marketing #startup 

  • Gio Gionta 5 years ago

    I agree 100%. These are some great points for a business owner. This is
    some great information! :-) 

  • Reid Armstrong 5 years ago

    I think number 1 should be LSN. Best and biggest marketing tool kit. I made
    a FREE account. Worth checking out.. http://leadsystemnetwork.com/mrdeedreid

  • Talent Navigator Enterprise Hub 5 years ago

    5 #Marketing Tools Your #Startup Must Have http://bit.ly/1txx3cy

  • Talent Navigator Enterprise Hub 5 years ago

    5 #Marketing Tools Your #Startup Must Have http://bit.ly/1txx3cy

  • Startup Toolbox 5 years ago

    Great tips, easy but so important!

  • Wiktor Jakiśtam 5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for this interesting video, but did you try keyword research for
    your website? You can get free traffic from Google if you find good niche
    keywords. There are even tools which help you find such “niches”, for
    example Metrics11

  • John W 5 years ago

    I think her main tool for marketing would be her attractiveness. and she
    forgot to mention that.

  • Clifford Lopez 5 years ago

    Great tips and wished I should have known about this site earlier. I spent
    approximately $450 to do all five items. Hired a veteran for the logo, I
    created PatrioTechs(dot)com knowledge management site from Google Site,
    domain from GoDaddy which I a member since 2001, PO Box with Suite no, and
    business cards. Thanks for the DOCSTOC video playlist – which is like my
    online seminar that reinforces my little knowledge in the business arena
    since I just recently retired Army Officer.

  • Juannean Young 5 years ago

    Great info! Thanks. :)

  • TubeCrusader 5 years ago

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  • Jack Lee 5 years ago

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