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  • Darren Hanser 5 years ago

    3 Must Have Tools For Online Marketing

    A Blog: http://join.freedomformula.biz

    A Capture page: http://hanserteam.com/leadpages

    An Autoresponder: http://hanserteam.com/free-trial

    A Blog is perfect to provide relevant content and create authority in your
    market. If you’re providing regular education, insights, exposing your
    vision and training for your target audience, a blog is the simplest way to
    do this.

    You can create a blog in 2 ways. Free or Paid.

    Free services like wordpress.com and weebly are fine for basic ‘hobby’
    blogging. But when you’re providing a service or selling a product, you
    will need a self-hosted service.

    Your options are quite simple. WordPress.org is the self-hosted side of
    wordpress, where you’ll need to buy hosting, a domain name and manage the
    design, themes and all that jazz.

    Using a service like the Viral Blogging System (
    http://join.freedomformula.biz), you get a ready-to-use blog. All you need
    to do is login, go through the set up and then you’re ready to go.

    A Capture page is used to collect the contact information of your new
    prospects. This way you are growing a list of interested prospects who
    have raised their hand and told you they want more information.

    I personally use a service called LeadPages (http://hanserteam.com/leadpages)
    for very simple, point and click capture pages.

    In fact, LeadPages integrates with your autoresponder, so all you need to
    do is go through the set up process once and you’re ready to start
    capturing leads!

    Your Autoresponder is the communication tool that will hold your prospects
    contact information, and allow you to send emails to them on an automated
    basis, or manually.

    You will need all 3 of these if you plan on generating authority, gathering
    leads and communicating directly with them.

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    Visit our blog at: http://www.blogging-for-money.com

    Darren Hanser

    3 Must Have Tools For Online Marketing

  • Adam Knaggs 5 years ago

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  • Cheryl Sameit 5 years ago

    Fantastic video Darren!! You break it down perfectly–so simple!